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"The children loved it! All of the teachers felt it was very age appropriate. The children watched their shadows all afternoon."

Syril Kline
Language Arts Teacher
The Winchester School
Silver Spring, MD

“We had it for our Friday morning story time and it was a huge success! Unusual concept for a puppet show - fabulous!”

Doug Beatty
Pikesville Library


THE SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP invigorates the learning environment by offering experiential, participatory, performance-based programming.

Using the ancient art of shadow puppetry, in which shadows are cast upon a lit screen, stories and folktales from around the world are brought to life.

Designed for both formal and informal educational settings, and including intergenerational programming, THE SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP fosters a love of stories that inspires a life of learning.


THE SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP uses innovative pedagogical approaches to advance standards-based curricular objectives. Single-session workshops and multi-session residencies are tailored to serve the specific needs of teachers by providing programs that directly complement teacher instruction.

We offer both classroom-based workshops and multi-grade assembly programs.

SINGLE AND MULTI-SESSION WORKSHOPS begin with a short shadow puppet performance. The participants then adapt another story based on a chosen theme.

Working with black poster-board, scissors, and their imaginations, they create their own puppets and scenery.

After rehearsing, a magical transformation of their work takes place; narration, movement, and special effects come together, cardboard cutouts take on distinct personalities, and the story comes to life!

ASSEMBLIES are designed to allow participants that have just completed shadow puppetry workshops to share what they have learned with the wider community.

THE SHADOW PUPPET WORKSHOP programs can introduce existing curricular units in an exciting way, conclude studies with a rewarding capstone experience, or offer an engaging stand-alone enrichment opportunity.

We can help you engage students in the study of:

  • Language Arts (Pre-K - 8th grade) - reading, writing, and the exploration of literary genres.
  • Social Studies (Pre-K - 8th grade) - historical, biographical, interpersonal, and multicultural themes.
  • Science (Pre-K - 5th grade) - exploration of light, shadows, and perspective.

LIBRARIES (Pre-K - 6th grade)

We have adapted more than 50 picture books that complement current library themes, such as Black History Month, seasons, and world tales.

MUSEUMS (Pre-K - 6th grade)

We design individual workshops and program series that explore current exhibitions, on topics ranging from natural history and cultures around the world to the visual arts.


We create programming for a wide variety of informal educational institutions, such as summer camps, scouting troops, and early childhood education centers.

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